Hot, Healthy Meal

Each year Red Cross provides over 40,000 meals to people experiencing homelessness, through places like Brisbane’s Night Café. Whilst these are currently closed due to precautions around Covid-19, by purchasing this gift you can help us be ready to go as soon as it’s safe to open back up. A hot, healthy meal served up by people who care helps people stay healthy, connect with others, and makes getting back on your feet that little bit easier.

Where your money goes

Your tax-deductible gift could be used to support our work with people who are isolated, helping them make connections to live happier and safer lives.

*Up to 10% of your donation will go towards essential administrative support costs

“I do genuinely feel content most days. I feel like I have found my life’s meaning and why I want to be here and what I want to do.” – Mikaela