Essentials Bundle

Give an essentials kit containing food, public transport cards, hygiene items, and basic medications to help support a recently arrived family seeking asylum in Australia. Many refugees and asylum seekers are living day to day, week to week without a regular income or other support. This gift could help support a family while they find their feet.

Where your money goes
Your tax-deductible gift could be used to support our work with vulnerable migrants, helping them make ends meet, be safe, and stay connected to those they love.

*Up to 10% of your donation will go towards essential administrative and operational costs

“Their life here is not easy. Most of their families are outside of Australia, they are waiting for their visa status here, they don't know if or when they can get their permanency here. There are a lot of unanswered questions and a lot of stress for them. I talk about my problems here and I believe it brings a benefit for both sides. We find that we're not alone in the problems we face, it decreases the pressure and stress.” – Saeed