Check-Up After An Emergency

Help deliver a door-to-door support service, checking on residents in the aftermath of an emergency in Australia. A knock at the door, a friendly face, practical advice and, most importantly, a shoulder to lean on. That’s what this gift could give, to help a whole community recover following a natural disaster, other emergency or traumatic event.

Where your money goes
Your tax-deductible gift could be used to support our work in emergencies, helping people to prepare, respond and recover in times of disaster.

*Up to 10% of your donation will go towards essential administrative and operational costs

“I’ll never forget how Red Cross was there for me. One of the volunteers came up to me, and gave me a hug and helped me right through the day. It gave me that support I think I could not have gotten anywhere else. And you need the right people, to do that.” – Roula