A Visitor For Someone Living Alone

A personal, fortnightly visit from a Red Cross team member to someone living on their own. Giving the gift of a Red Cross visitor could help put a smile on the face of elderly and isolated people and improves their well-being and social connections.

Where your money goes
Your tax-deductible gift could be used to support our work with people who are isolated, helping them make connections to live happier and safer lives. 

*Up to 10% of your donation will go towards essential administrative and operational costs

“I do really thank the Red Cross because whilst Chris comes and spends an hour and a half or so a week with me, I do enjoy his company, I enjoy talking to him, and he's a very knowledgeable fellow, and he can tell me quite a lot of things. And that makes a difference, I look forward to that, and company I think is wonderful.” – Ken