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Your gift is tax-deductible in Australia. 

After you check out, we’ll send you a receipt in your name – hold on to it for when tax-time comes around. Note: This email receipt will be separate to the email containing your gift card. 

Your donation will be used where it’s needed most. 

By purchasing this gift, you are giving a donation to a specific area of our work: services for migrants, refugees and asylum seekers, or our disaster relief work overseas; helping Australians endure and recover from a fire, flood or storm, or supporting people who are isolated and seeking a brighter, safer life. 

We will use your donation to help the most vulnerable people in the most effective ways. If we receive contributions in excess of the needs in your chosen category, we will use it in other categories represented by other charity gifts.  

Up to 10% of your donation will go towards essential administrative and operational costs. 

Red Cross Real Good Gifts are non-refundable and non-transferable. 

Printable vs video gift card?

Our printable gift card has space for you to handwrite a personalised message for your gift recipient. Go for this option if you have access to a printer and the chance to hand deliver your card in the near future. If you need a purely digital alternative, opt for the video card. You can SMS or email it forward - border restrictions are no match for Real Good Gifts!