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Frequently Asked Questions about charity gifts

How does giving a charity gift work?

When you buy a gift from our Real Good Gift Shop, you are giving a donation to the specific area of our work that your gift represents. For example, when you buy Not Another Novelty Mug you’re supporting our work with vulnerable and isolated Australians. Or, our Not Another Pair of Socks supports our work with vulnerable migrants, refugees and asylum seekers.

Our Real Good Gifts represent services and support we really do give to people here in Australia or one of the many countries we work in around the world.

In return, we’ll send you a gift card to give someone you care about – it will tell them how the gift works (but not how much it cost you) and how, together, you will have made a different to the lives of people in crisis.


Is my charity gift tax-deductible?

Yes. As your donation is above $2 your gift is tax-deductible in Australia. You will receive a receipt in your name in an email after you check out.


Does the price of the gift reflect the cost of the item?

Yes. It reflects the real cost of providing that item. This might include things like packing, transport and program management. Our gifts and prices are put together by people who work on the ground in each area. We do everything we can to keep costs down and reach as many people as possible.


Where does the money go?

Each charity gift is linked to one of the areas we work in either in Australia or overseas. The money from each gift goes into the specific area of work it’s tied to at Red Cross. These areas are our domestic and international disaster teams, our work with people in Australia overcoming isolation and hardship, and our work with refugees and people seeking asylum. By pooling your donations, we can have a greater impact.

If we receive contributions in excess of the needs in your chosen category, we will use it in other categories represented by other charity gifts. 

We will not use more than 10% in Real Good Gifts proceeds to cover essential administrative and operational costs.


How does my charity gift card get to the gift recipient?

The giftcard will be sent to you first, for you to give or forward on to your gift recipient. We have print-at-home cards and video cards available. 


Last year you offered a print-and-deliver service, why is this no longer available?

We are no longer printing and posting your Real Good Gift cards. Like many organisations, we’re adapting many of our services to respond to the increasingly digital needs of our customers, and also to safeguard, wherever possible, our world from an excessive environmental footprint. We invite you to choose the print-at-home or video gift card options via our website.


Can I get a refund?

Red Cross Real Good Gifts are non-refundable and non-transferable. It is up to Red Cross’ discretion to refund any donations that are made in addition to any gift(s) at the point of purchase.


What if my gift card doesn’t turn up?

Give us a call on 1800 733 276.


Can I make a donation instead?

Absolutely and thank you! Visit or phone 1800 733 276.