Frequently Asked Questions about charity gifts

How does giving a charity gift work?

When you buy an ethical gift you are giving a donation to the specific area of our work that your gift represents at Red Cross. For example, when you buy a phone call you’re supporting our work with vulnerable and isolated Australians. Our real good gifts represent gifts we really do deliver to people here in Australia or in one of the many countries we work in around the world.

Is my charity gift tax-deductible?

Yes. As your donation is above $2 your gift is tax-deductible. You will receive a receipt in your name in an email after you check out.

Does the price of the gift reflect the actual cost of the item?

Yes. Our gifts and prices are put together by the people who work on the ground in each area and reflect the actual cost of the items.

Red Cross will not deduct more than 10% from this campaign to cover administrative and operational costs.

Where does the money go?

Each charity gift is linked to one of the areas we work in either in Australia or overseas. The money from each gift goes into the specific area of work it’s tied to at Red Cross. These areas are our domestic and international disaster teams, our work with Australians overcoming crisis, the international development team, our work with refugees and people seeking asylum and our work with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. By pooling your ethical donations, we can have a greater impact.

How does my charity gift card get to the gift receiver?

You’ll receive your digital card via email. You can then email it directly to the receiver, or share it via social media, text, or a messenger app.