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Make a difference: A how-to guide to helping others and changing the world

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Life isn’t about possessions and accomplishments. It’s about what you’ve done with those things – what you have given back. It’s about caring enough for others and seizing the opportunity when you have the chance to do some good.

So, how can you help? 

1. Give your pre-loved clothes to Red Cross Shops

Got some clothes, shoes and accessories you no longer wear? We’d love them. If they’re in good condition, something you would give a friend, we can sell them in our op shops. The money raised will fund our work helping people in crisis in Australia and overseas.

Plus, donating your clothes means less stuff ends up in landfill. Drop your clothes at any one of our 160+ shops. If you don’t want to donate you can always shop at our stores and support our work in that way instead.

2. Use your talents to stage your own fundraiser

Love to run? Bake? Trek? Perform? Turn your passion into a fundraiser and do good by doing what you're good at. Register your event and we will send through the tools and tips you need to help make your event a success. The money you raise for us will go to support our programs helping people through crisis in communities near and far. 

3. Give a donation

In times of crisis, your donation is life-changing. It means we can get help to where-ever it's needed most.

When you give, you help mobilise a movement: thousands of people and partners around Australia, millions across the world. It's your kindness - your generosity - that gives people the support to overcome adversity. 

You can give safety to a family fleeing conflict., and opportunity to help them start a new life here in Australia. ​Give friendship to keep elderly Australians feeling connected and valued, and hands-on help to people enduring disaster this summer.

Make your donation quickly and safely online.

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