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18.7M in unwanted gifts

More than half the country received unwanted Christmas gifts last year. That's millions of gifts destined for the back of the cupboard, an awkward returns conversation, or, regrettably, landfill.

Research by Gumtree after last year's Festive season found that 53% of Australians received at least one unwanted gift. One in five people admitted they argued when they gave or received an unwanted gift. And 63% of people admitted to regifting an unwanted gift.

It's a minefield.

You want to get them something that will last, that they'll love, something practical or lovely or good for the world. 

But then you run out of time. Out of ideas. You turn to the classic panic purchase: wine, chocolates, novelty homewares. But you know deep down: no-one needs more of those.

You've come to the right place. 

This is what we do best. All those last minute gifts we don't need, made to help people who need it most. With a Red Cross Real Good Gift, you can turn "I didn't know what to get you" into something life-changing. It could be a hot, healthy meal for someone sleeping rough, a hygiene kit to keep water-borne disease at bay during a disaster, or a cuppa and good company for someone who's lonely. 

No waste. Never returned. Only real, good, life-changing impact for people in crisis. 

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